Ticket Delivery and Timing

Smartfarez.com offers electronic tickets (e-tickets) emailed to you within 4-12 hours of booking the reservation ; however, we may issue you with a paper ticket for individual packages.

We request you to check shipping charges before confirming the reservation. In certain scenarios, where your e-tickets might not get issued or the delivery being made of another product or service, Cheapofarez will provide you with a paper ticket, product, or service through a safe mode of delivery (reputable courier company). We will debit the applicable charges to the credit holder's account as per rates posted on the Site. The shipping charges are displayed before you purchase or skip the costs. Cheapofarez takes no responsibility for the negligence of the delivery company. We endeavor to redeliver but do not ascertain you for redelivery on time.

In case you are sending us the incorrect address, you will have to pay an excess fee to the delivery company for any alteration in the address. You will be charged to the credit card that was used for the payment. If an e-ticket is initiated, the ticket data will be made available on the website.